The Boss Advantage

Patented Hydraulics

Boss Industrial’s rugged hydraulic system is patented—unique among anything else on the market. It’s built with premium materials and its strong structure outperforms all of the competition. How? All of our log splitters feature full gear shafts. Nearly every other model out there uses a half gear shaft system. Which sounds better to you? You’ll really notice the difference when it comes to the durability and productivity of your Boss Industrial Log Splitter.

Superior Engineering

We take great pride on exceeding all industry standards, delivering professional-grade equipment for use by professionals as well as homeowners. We work with third party testing organizations to ensure overall product safety, and our products are listed with CSA, one of the oldest and most prestigious testing organizations in the world. We also maintain CE compliance for our European customers.

Safety & Portability

We design with ergonomics and safety in mind. Switches and levers are situated to keep hands and limbs clear from the operational area. Machines equipped to work horizontally and vertically are easily reconfigured, and even our largest machines are easy to transport.

Greater Value

Boss Industrial equipment can take a lot of abuse and still deliver optimal performance—the difference is in the details. Our log trays are wider and stronger, built of tube steel and plates, never flimsy sheet metal. The wide wheel bases of our machines make them easy to transport, even over roadways, fields, and rocky terrain. Powerful engines make quick work of even the most challenging tasks. Your Boss log splitter will quickly become an indispensable tool for work in your yard, field, or farm.

Manufacturers & Distributors

Our customers safety and durability of our machines are the most important reasons we prefer end to end control of our product. By manufacturing our own machines, we have been able to make improvements and upgrades our design as hydraulics and technology has evolved. Our machines are tested by third-party independent agencies and have surpassed the most stringent American and European power equipment standards for design and manufacturing.