No more wasting time and energy splitting logs manually. No more renting old used equipment. It’s time to “Split Logs Like A Boss!”  Which one is right for you?

Boss Log Splitters have extremely powerful hydraulics, highly efficient motors with steel construction for durability. Features vary on each model. Each machine is ideally-suited to different types of wood, workload, and location.


Where will you use the machine?

  • Log splitters with gas engines can be used anywhere outdoors. They’re ideal for hauling out on site so that whole logs do not have to be transported before being split.
  • If you will always have access to electricity when splitting logs, then an Electric log splitter may be right for you. Electric models produce no emissions, so they can be used indoors, and require no fuel. They can run as long as they’re plugged into an outlet—no need to refuel. Just make sure that your outlet has the proper capacity for the model you select.
  • If you have access to a tractor, a Three-Point Hitch model uses the power of your tractor engine and is easy to transport wherever you may need it on your farm or acreage.

What kinds of wood do you want to split?

  • The power of your ideal machine will on the types of trees you have on your property or intend to purchase. Hardness varies dramatically between maples, fruit trees, oaks, and other species. The knottiness of a log will also help determine the amount of power you’ll need to get the job done.
  • Consider the greenness and of your typical logs. Dry logs are easier to split than newly-fallen trees. If most of the logs you’ll be splitting will be green, consider upgrading the power of your machine by up to 10 tons.
  • Be sure to select a log splitter with a tray that is wide enough to accommodate the diameter of the largest log you would want to split safely. All Boss log trays are extremely durable, but they vary in widths so that we can offer models that are compact as well as models that are highly versatile.

What features appeal to you?

  • If lifting logs is a challenge, select a machine that can operate in a vertical position. These machines are idea for people with lower back issues.
  • Pay close attention to cycle time. This is the single greatest factor in the time it takes to get a job done.
  • Dual loading capability is a real time-saver. If you are often tackling large log-splitting jobs, you will get your work done in half the time if you have this feature.

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